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 Whether you are a loudspeaker manufacturer, audio component designer, or an independent Inventor,
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Auditoriums, concert venues, places of worship and recording studios can also benefit from acoustic testing and acoustic treatment, providing for improved sound distribution to the audience or recording device. Loudspeakers, crossover components, amplifiers, EQ's or other electronic devices, room acoustics/treatments -
Nevada Sound Research can it do with accuracy, dependability and with a promise to meet or exceed your goals.
How we do what we do and why -
In today's world of sound reproduction, it is not enough to just test the loudspeaker; you need to have the accuracy of acoustic test measurements with graphics. Factors taking the analysis to completion must include the variables of time, energy and frequency, as well as temperatures, along with other conditions. Most important is that the loudspeaker under test be repeatable not two or three times but many times over until each sweep test has been overlaid and appears as one sweep in general. Complex data is run in a difference mode to confirm its data of the TDS.
A critical factor that is often overlooked by other test services is a series of tests to determine how accurate speech intelligibility is for the loudspeaker under test. Speech intelligibility is a measure of sound clarity that indicates the ease of understanding speech through the loudspeaker; in short know as STI or Speech Transmission Index. This is accomplished by seven single one-second time-span ETC;s, one at each of seven octave center frequencies between 125 Hz and 8 kHz. After each ETC modulation transfer function (MTF) is calculated, STI in each octave band is computed. Please remember this is just a short version of some of our capabilities. 


                                                         Below is a (sample) of a repeatable TDS sweep and full STI of an 8"Driver